About the Journal

Oikonomos was founded in 2020 by Dr. Aida Ramos (University of Dallas), with the support of the History of Economics Society, as a peer-reviewed journal for student research. It seeks to publish original, quality student papers in the history of economic thought and methodology. As an open access journal, it also seeks to make the ideas of student researchers more visible and easily accessible. Although advised by faculty, the journal is staffed by a student editorial board, and thus provides students with experience as both researchers and editors.

Part of our inspiration comes from the roots of economics, oikonomos.  We also take our inspiration from the multidisciplinary contemplation of economic thought and the formal and informal dissemination of ideas concerning political economy in the Scottish Enlightenment.  The featured image on the website is of part of the Old College at the University of Edinburgh.  Edinburgh is important both for the writing and teaching of economics.  Both David Hume and Sir James Steuart, author of the first systematic work in English on political economy as a separate field, attended university here, and this is where Adam Smith's student, Dugald Stewart, taught the first course in political economy.  (All text copyright 2020, Photo Credit: Aaron B. Fricke, copyright 2020)

If you would like to make a submission, please see the information For Authors.  For technical assistance please contact [email protected].  For general and editorial inquiries, please contact Dr. Aida Ramos at [email protected].